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CMS Residential Pest Management

CMS Pest Management is committed to ensuring that pests are not reducing your quality of life, causing you discomfort in your own home, damaging buildings or destroying foundations.

Every house, unit or apartment is thoroughly examined and inspected to determine the nature and extent of any pest issue. We discuss any pest control problems with you to determine a comprehensive and efficient treatment plan for eradication and treatment of the pests.

General Pest Service

Household Pests

CMS Pest Management Residential Pest Control Service focuses on the removal and prevention of standard household pests including cockroaches, mice, spiders, borers, fleas, silverfish, mosquitoes, ants, rats, earwigs, weevils, moths, mites and more. Along with the garden and exterior of the house, all interior rooms are treated to ensure a hygenic, healthy and pest-free residence. Special attention is paid to the kitchen, laundry, bathrooms and garage. Potential entry and exit point and cracks and crevices are identified as likely areas for pests and treated accordingly.

CMS Pest Management use modern treatments which are effective against pests but are environmentally friendly, odourless and safe for the family, pets, plants and personal belongings.

Termite Service


CMS Pest Management Termite Service utilises specialised techniques to identify termite activity (typically hidden to visual inspections). Termite services are based on two standard methods - baiting and shielding. Baits contain a termiticide and is combined with paper and other substances favoured by termites. When termites feed on the treated food, they ingest the termiticide and carry it back to their nest, infecting others dramatically reducing the size of the colony. The termiticide in the bait must work slowly so the termites can return to the nest instead of dying instantly near the bait.

Shielding involves creating a protective layer or barrier between the garden and the house using termiticides injecting it below the ground and around the perimeter of the house.

Termite control is a specialised service requiring comprehensive training and expertise.

Pre-Purchase Pest and Termite Inspection

It is strongly recommended that before purchasing any house, unit or property, CMS Pest Management is engaged to provide a pre-purchase pest and termite inspection report. A detailed report will identify any pest control issues with a property, giving you peace of mind before you proceed with your purchase.

Possum Service


Possums are nocturnal Australian marsupials that live in bushland, parks, backyards and trees around the suburbs of Sydney. Protected by law, nuimble possums favour roof cavities entering small gaps under the eaves, via chimneys or through broken tiles where they become noisy and annoying pests. Additionally, their urine and faeces stains and causes a nasty odour.

CMS Pest Management Possum Service identifies entrance points and areas where possums are inhabiting. Cages are utilised to capture the possumes when they are returned carefully to the wild a good distance from your own home. Entrance points are sealed or meshed to prevent further possum intrusions.

Bird Service


For protection and nesting, birds often inhabit the roof cavity or high spaces around houses, garages and buildings. Birds can be responsible for major health issues, destroy property, leave bird lice infestations, be noisy and leave piles of messy and unsightly droppings. Birds typically gain access prior to the nesting season through cracked roof tiles and small gaps in houses.

CMS Pest Management Bird Service identifies entry points, closing them via tile replacement, hole repairs, netting or meshing. Any nesting material is removed and the area is sprayed for the management of bird lice.

Fully Insured

All technicians at CMS Pest Management are pest control certified and CMS Pest Management is fully covered for public liability and professional indemnity.

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For a booking or no-obligation free quote, please ring CMS Pest Management on 0413-835-528 or contact us via email.


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